Thursday, 26 July 2018

Few points I learned about running

an online workshop.

The simple answer is Don't do it.

Don't run a workshop online, if there are no representatives or a co-presenter at the onsite.
No matter the amount of preparation, and the confidence in the content and the research done on the exercise involved do restrain from running a workshop online. 

`The exercise designed and/or you crave for high interaction.
`The audience is new to this style of presenting.
`The speaker is new to this style.
`The audience and the speaker are new to each other.
`The exercise designed requires both the speaker and the audience to be on mute.
`The exercise designed requires the audience to focus and work in a silo.
`The speaker cannot see and/or interact with all the audience.

Do online workshops if there is no other option of getting the audience to attend it offline.
And if:

`A co-presenter is at the onsite and acts as a binder between the presenter and the audience.
`It is a group activity, then do try this out but only if the audience is well-versed in the exercise.
`Else at all times, do an introductory class, explain the exercise and then get the audience to see you and you can see the audience. Then do attempt it.
`But learn if this is the style that suits you and the audience, then decide.

I recently tried experimenting with a few audiences and I did learn that this style of running a workshop online with a new exercise and a new turnout doesn't suit my style of delivering a presentation. 

I crave for the audience energy and interaction to at times derive my energy.
Understanding the pulse of the audience, meeting their eyes, getting immediate feedback is my adopted style. Knowing the assemblage helps me.