Ø  Member of Association of Software Testing[AST] - 2014, 2018 and Ministry of testing(Software Testing Club) http://www.softwaretestingclub.com/profiles/blog/list?user=3502vvi3vnwyr
Ø  Articles featured in the software testing magazines Testing Circus and TeaTimeWithTesters.
Ø  https://chroniclesoftesting.blogspot.in/ ~ listed as top 100 software testing bloggers - http://www.testbuffet.com/blogs/607/chronicles-of-testing/

Lists in which Chronicles Of Testing is ranked

83 93 Most Popular Software Testing Blogs In 2015
98 Top 114 Software Testing Blogs - 2014

125 Awesome Testers - 2017

Testing Activity

Ø  Participant in testing challenges at 99tests and Testers arena (Step-in summit).
Ø  Part of my research includes learning and sharing methods on solving testing problems.
Ø  I test web and mobile applications and help improve them in my leisure.
Ø  A participant of the weekend testing community chapters of India, mentee and mentor at SpeakEasy
Ø  Editor at www.womentesters.com, a quarterly e-magazine for the testing community.

Probono Activity

Ø  On-boarded as a mentor at https://speaking-easy.com/ - 2018
Ø  On-boarded as an assistant facilitator for the weekend testing chapter of Australia and New Zealand www.weekendtesting.com - 2015
Ø  Accepted and Volunteered as an online reviewer for the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Houston, Texas http://gracehopper.org - 2015
Ø  An open source contributor at Khan Academy https://crowdin.com/project/ka-lite/kn and Kiwix projects - Since 2015.

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