Testing Conferences _ Tester's Pilgrimage

Ø  Invited attendee at https://www.eclipsecon.org/europe2016 - Oct, Germany.
Ø  Invited speaker at Belgrade Testing Conference http://bg-testconference.rs/ - Nov, Serbia.
Ø  Speaker at https://copenhagencontext2017.sched.com/- Sep, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Sketch notes of my talk by @Ruudcoxhttps://twitter.com/ruudcox
Thank you Ruud Cox.

Soren K.
Ø  Jury of TestAutothon contest, invited attendee at the STeP-in Summit https://stepinsummit.stepinforum.org/- Aug/Sep, Bangalore.
Ø  Speaker at European Testing Conference http://europeantestingconference.eu/2017/ - Feb,Helsinki, Finland.
Ø  Invited attendee at Asia's first Agile Testing Days - http://agiletestingdays.asia/ March, Bangalore.

Keynote at StarWEST, Techwell Conference 2016
  • Workshop style was good.
  • Knowledgeable and presented well.
  • Practical.
  • Enjoyed interactive part and survey.
  • Pace Slow, Good Practical exercise.
  • Informational, many takeaways.
  • This was an awesome presentation! Excellent audience participation and engagement, structure, and of course information flow. I think this is my favorite presentation. Bring this presenter back! Love her!
  • Be affirmative on statements! Exercise was helpful.
  • Increase suggestions; slides are complex, busy.


Ø   Invited attendee at Agile India 2017 http://2017.agileindia.org/ March, Bangalore.

Ø  Invited speaker at European Testing Conference http://europeantestingconference.eu/speakers/
Ø  Program chair and volunteered for Selenium bug-bash at Agile India Conference.http://2016.agileindia.org/ - March, Bangalore
Ø TestLab crew at StarEast https://stareast.techwell.com - May, Orlando, Florida
Ø Speaker at SeConf - https://confengine.com/selenium-conf-2016 - June, Bangalore
Ø Invited attendee STePin Summit http://stepinforum.org/ - August, Bangalore
Ø Keynote and speaker at StarWest http://starwest.techwell.com/ - October, Anaheim, California eval: 8.5/10
Fundraiser - This was the very first and an experience of having to see the testing community come together to help send a tester to StarWEST. I am ever grateful and thankful to all the 16 contributors for their timely support and the encouragement. 

Ø   Invited attendee at NULLCON – a software security conference held in Goa in February 2015 as a media representative.
Ø  Reviewer and part of the program committee at jQuery Conf to be held in Bangalore in July http://jqueryconf.in/#program.
Ø  Test Lab Apprentice at EuroSTAR Conference https://conference.eurostarsoftwaretesting.com/conference/social/test-lab/
Ø Speaker at http://bsceast.techwell.com/sme-profiles/jyothi-rangaiah held in Orlando, Florida in November — eval: 9.1/10 
Ø   Invited attendee at  the BWST held in Bangalore in June  
Ø   Invited attendee at the STeP-in Summit held in Bangalore in June http://stepinforum.org/ 
Ø   Invited attendee and media crew at CAST, a context-driven testing conference held in New York in August as a marketing volunteer http://www.associationforsoftwaretesting.org/conference/cast-2014/ 
Ø  A facilitator at the bug bash organized by Selenium Conference #SeConf and GMIC Conference held in Bangalore in September http://www.seleniumconf.org/ 
Ø   Invited attendee at Asia’s first premier functional conference held in Bangalore in October http://functionalconf.com/

Ø   Invited attendee at the STeP-in Summit – a conference held in Bangalore in June http://stepinforum.org/ 
Ø   Invited attendee at the World Conference of Next Generation Testing (WCNGT) held in Bangalore in July http://www.nextgentesting.org

Ø  Awarded by Google to attend the ISSTA -International Symposium of Software Testing and Analysis, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in July http://crisys.cs.umn.edu/issta2012/


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Super cool work. Keep going, Jo!

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