Ø  Co-presenter of the workshop titled 'A11y testing' with Ajay Balamurugadas.
Follow the link for details: 

Ø  Jury member at the TestAutothon, Summit 2018 -  https://stepinsummit.stepinforum.org/

Ø  Invited attendee STeP-IN Summit 2018 
Ø  Co-presenter of the workshop titled 'Problem-Solving' with Ajay Balamurugadas.
Follow the link for more details: https://bit.ly/2wn1QkK 



Ø  Jury member at the TestAutothon, Summit 2017 https://stepinsummit.stepinforum.org/- Aug/Sep, Bangalore.

Ø  Speaker at European Testing Conference http://europeantestingconference.eu/2017/ - Feb, Helsinki, Finland.
Ø  Invited attendee at Asia's first Agile Testing Days - http://agiletestingdays.asia/ March, Bangalore.
Ø   Invited attendee at Agile India 2017 http://2017.agileindia.org/ March, Bangalore.
Ø  Invited attendee at https://www.eclipsecon.org/europe2016 - Oct, Germany.
Ø  Invited speaker at Belgrade Testing Conference http://bg-testconference.rs/ - Nov, Serbia.
Ø  Speaker at https://copenhagencontext2017.sched.com/- Sep, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sketch notes of my talk by @Ruudcoxhttps://twitter.com/ruudcox Thank you, Ruud Cox.

Soren K.


Ø  Speaker at European Testing Conference http://europeantestingconference.eu/speakers

Ø  Program chair and volunteered for Selenium bug-bash at Agile India Conference.http://2016.agileindia.org/ - March, Bangalore
Ø TestLab crew at StarEast https://stareast.techwell.com - May, Orlando, Florida
Ø Speaker at SeConf - https://confengine.com/selenium-conf-2016 - June, Bangalore
Ø Invited attendee STePin Summit http://stepinforum.org/ - August, Bangalore
Ø Keynote and speaker at StarWEST http://starwest.techwell.com/ - October, Anaheim, California eval: 8.5/10
Mentored by Carsten Feilberg.

Keynote at StarWEST, Techwell Conference 2016


Workshop style was good.
Knowledgeable and presented well.
Enjoyed interactive part and survey.
Pace Slow, Good Practical exercise.
Informational, many takeaways.
This was an awesome presentation! Excellent audience participation and engagement, structure, and of course information flow. I think this is my favorite presentation. Bring this presenter back! Love her!

Be affirmative on statements! The exercise was helpful.
Increase suggestions; slides are complex, busy.

This was the very first and an experience of having to see the testing community come together to help send a tester to StarWEST. I am ever grateful and thankful to all the 16 contributors for their timely support and the encouragement.


Ø   Invited attendee at NULLCON – a software security conference held in Goa in February 2015 as a media representative.
Ø  Reviewer and part of the program committee at jQuery Conf to be held in Bangalore in July http://jqueryconf.in/#program.
Ø  Test Lab Apprentice at EuroSTAR Conference https://conference.eurostarsoftwaretesting.com/conference/social/test-lab/
Ø Speaker at http://bsceast.techwell.com/sme-profiles/jyothi-rangaiah held in Orlando, Florida in November — eval: 9.1/10 Mentored by Carsten Feilberg.


Ø   Invited attendee at  the BWST held in Bangalore in June  
Ø   Invited attendee at the STeP-in Summit held in Bangalore in June http://stepinforum.org/ 
Ø   Invited attendee and media crew at CAST, a context-driven testing conference held in New York in August as a marketing volunteer http://www.associationforsoftwaretesting.org/conference/cast-2014/ 
Ø  A facilitator at the bug bash organized by Selenium Conference #SeConf and GMIC Conference held in Bangalore in September http://www.seleniumconf.org/ 
Ø   Invited attendee at Asia’s first premier functional conference held in Bangalore in October http://functionalconf.com/


Ø   Invited attendee at the STeP-in Summit – a conference held in Bangalore in June http://stepinforum.org/ 
Ø   Invited attendee at the World Conference of Next Generation Testing (WCNGT) held in Bangalore in July http://www.nextgentesting.org


Ø  Awarded by Google to attend the ISSTA -International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in July http://crisys.cs.umn.edu/issta2012/


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Super cool work. Keep going, Jo!

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Thank you Pari, you are my inspiration on many levels.

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