Sunday, 14 July 2013

WCNGT - 2013

WCNGT - World Conference on Next Generation Testing held here in Bangalore had so much to offer. Thanks to the organizers Unicom and all involved in making this learning happen.

A list of take away points, that which are part of my learning are jotted below.
  • Learning is possible by meeting, interacting and conferring with like minded people with a vision to just do it.
  • The presentation/talk comes alive by encouraging constructive questioning.
  • What is constructive questioning? Questioning to help the speaker and in turn help yourself learn a perspective.
  • There was a call from the testing industry revolutionist Pradeep to join in this need of hour to help create value for customers and credibility for ourselves.
  • A lightening talk on Evolution Of Testing by Padma Bindu from Robert Bosch.
Picture from the same talk is shared here.

At WCNGT, testers were found testing, bug hunting, bug reporting and doing more than conferring.
It helped me learn about Social Testing, Mobile Testing and learn by the way of questioning.

Julian Harty had a lot more to share other than Mobile testing. I relished the time spent with him conferring and learning the tricks and tips for Windows Phone.
Paul Gerrard on the approach to testing with a broader perspective and customer centric model.
Pradeep Soundarajan presented on being and doing what he does best to bring in a creative change in the world of testing.
Rahul Mirakhur from Atimi was found shedding light on his work around iOS and the need for testers to gel with the GUI designers to learn to test.
Rahul Verma from Test Mile shared his ideas on 'Design of Test Automation: Principles and Patterns' and I liked the usage of iMindMap in his presentation.

Conference material:
Julian Harty's presentation is shared below in his blog.

A tester who thinks well, tests well - Ajay Balamurugadas
Your business is where the consumer's eye ball is - Rahul Mirakhur

Unicom organizers and the Speakers at WCNGT - Bangalore 2013
Further Reading:
A heuristic by Jerry Weinberg - Mary Had A Little Lamb - By Ajay in his talk 'BYOD: Should I Change My Test Strategy?'

A/B (experimental) and Multivariate testing by Julian Harty in his talk 'Mobile Testers Guide To The Galaxy'

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