Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My visit to Moolya.

A day at Moolya and I have penned down my experience here by the dozen.
  1. One wouldn't think it is a Monday morning, there is no such rush what so ever of any kind. Free your mind and enter if you are a new comer :)
  2. Nothing but knowing and application matters here. Yes and there is scope for it. 
  3. Everyone is themselves. It is a people's place. And to know what it means step in to Moolya.
  4. The only promise to any customer is V.A.L.U.E(Moolya).
  5. People are at the core of what they do and deliver.
  6. Everyone is responsible.
  7. See through - a transparency in owning the work and doing.
  8. Value does define Moolya plus freedom and self owning.
  9. Freedom meaning- You handle your work in your way like it's your product by applying your thinking.
  10. And with this freedom comes responsibility and ownership.
  11. Enough talk about risk and courage,they are headed straight into it. Join them in their journey.
  12. Have you freed your employees yet? I don't think they mean firing, they are freeing people to help them tread their OWN PATH.
There is a unique learning from every tester there and each of them stands strong for Moolya(Value).

Post updated on 4th September 2013 to include the link to slide share presented by Pradeep Soundararajan at CAST2013.

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