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Weekend Testing - India(WT), America(WTA) and Australia(WTANZ).

  • What
  • When
  • How
  • Who 
  • Where
of Weekend Testing. 

If you have already been a part of weekend testing, then you know where to go looking for learning about the aforementioned WWHWW about weekend testing, if not here is the link:

I had heard about Weekend testing chapters of

India(WT) facilitated by Ajay Balamurugadas,
America(WTA) and 
Wished to be a part of it and this is where it led me to.


The what comprises of the mission and the agenda.

The mission comprises of what are we testing today?
Agenda will be shared by the facilitator and is as below:
  1. Introductions - Provide information on where you are from, what do you test and how do you test, your twitter handler - which could be helpful in the Where :)
  2. Mission and Charter(s)
  3. Open Testing - Test in your own pace. Pair with anyone and perform pair testing, gang up and learn from the wider group.
  4. A time check to see if we have enough information to go to debrief or if more time is needed.
  5. Open Season/Debrief - Debrief by sharing the session notes,your approach to open testing and transcripts. What you did and learn how it can be bettered.
  6. Closing Comments - Disperse only up until the next session.
What is the objective of weekend testing?
To help the testing community to network, learn from the learned community of global testers and share the lessons learnt with this community of learners. 

What did I not expect?
My first Weekend testing participation with WTA involved learning from the participants to improve the testing information on Wiki by editing Wiki pages.
This is as good as it gets. 


Look for announcements on Facebook and Twitter from the organizers. 

Get in touch with the organizers to know when is the next weekend testing session.
Facilitators will post the next weekend testing session dates on


The how involves questions on how this goes about.

Learn about the how by reading some of the transcripts. This could help one gain an insight into what is happening during weekend testing sessions. 
First timers need not be skeptical - this community of world wide testers are welcoming to the new comers.


Facilitators, testers across the globe and Skype.

The who are: anyone who is interested to learn and can join in.
Today and the last chapter of WTA had students from @PerScholas
And get to know who's who of the testing community.


On Skype and continue to learn with them by networking on twitter using the mentioned twitter handlers: @WTANZ_,@WTAmericas,@weekendtesting

Today's session involved coming up with a Test Plan.

I paired up with Jean Ann Harrison and Karthik who were flexible enough to help, learn and share.
Liked the documents shared by Roman Sheyko, Dean Mackenzie @deanamackenzie and Richard Robinson @richrichnz.

Shared below are the Google doc links to the same.

Hope you too can learn from the links shared below. 
You can open the links if permission to view is granted by the owners. 
Thank you Michael Larsen(WTA) and Alessandra Moreira(WTANZ) for facilitating this unbiased approach to learning. I look forward to continue to be a part of this learning.  

Here is a mind map on Testing Digg Reader for Login, Logout and Profile Settings.

Thank you Ravisuriya @testinggarage for helping me with my learning to prepare session notes, Srinivas Kadiyala for introducing me to Prezi( and Pradeep Soundararajan @testertested for helping me sort out the conversion of mind map into an image.
Click on the image below.

Note in the image is expanded to:
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Or view it on Prezi(Happy zooming) : Users can click on Zoom in to view better post opening the below link on a browser.

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