Wednesday, 18 June 2014

MindMap Way Of Testing Web Applications

Mind map on Exploratory Testing a Web Application.
The above Mind map summarizes Testing on a Web Application

  • Realization about Exploratory Testing Versus Test Case preparation.
  • Writing down test ideas – Relevant and required to capture the missing elements if any.
  • Context is the Queen 
  • Mobile Testing – There is more to it than that meets the eyeball.
  • Web Testing as summarized above in the Mind map.
  • Lessons on Bug Reporting and contextualizing it.
  • Conventional versus My Way of Testing – Every tester has their own Style of testing which needs to be polished.
  • Breaking the bad – Includes breaking one’s own biases and barriers.
  • Being Surprised – Expect to be surprised and not surprised too when you spot a bug on the same page that which you checked and cross checked.
  • Observe, listen, compete, test and report the bug – Pair test and learn with your colleagues.
  • Participate in debriefing sessions.
  • Participate in review calls and discussions with the developers, testers and the product owner.
  • Argue with an intent to Learn, to Test and to Add Value.
  • Test More.
  • Test Less.
  • Pause.
  • Re-Test.
  • Focus, Defocus, Go away and come back to Refocus and test with new test ideas.
  • Test from a different location with secured and unsecured internet connections.
  • Play – Gamify testing – There is more to testing than bug reporting as Keith Klain recently remarked. Do more.
  • under bright/low lights.
  • when you are exhausted.
  • when you are refreshed.
  • when you are lethargic.
  • when your spirits are high.
  • with different Internet connection speed.
  • subject the application to (load) varied cpu consumption and memory.
  • with background applications running and
  • on different devices.

Test and Take Notes:
A stable test environment is not where your users are/will be using your application.

Test and find your own style of testing and do share the lessons learnt, surprises encountered, traps set, pitfalls met and bugs: unveiled, disguised, chanced upon, just wanting to be traced and unforeseen.
Happy Exploring/Testing/Learning/Sharing/Living – They all seem synonym to each other now.

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