Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Testing - Lessons Learnt & Implemented

Working at different organizations provides different learning opportunities. There are challenges which requires to be identified early and tackled head-on. 

By learning everyday and implementing the lessons learnt, some risks can be mitigated. 
Formulated are a few steps, which I put to practice as I learnt to do things differently and better than earlier.

Shared below is my notes (in the form of a mind-map) taken when working on a new assignment. 
If this notes, brings forth a new perspective / idea / comment - do share it and feel free to use it.

Dim view

Click on the image to view it in an enlarged form.

Lit up view


Ravindra K said...

Hi Jyothi,
In this blog,you dint tell,how to test an application?. what should be the approach,if the domain is new for you?.

Jyothi said...

Hi Ravindra,

Thanks for your question.
The intent of this post was definitely not to capture the test approach but sharing what I learnt when testing with my team - an experience report as many of my posts here are and I think aptly named chronicles of testing.

Domain - Not new I had done a similar project on my first job.
Approach - I've followed an approach of testing it from the needs of the organization but not limiting it to that. I followed ET, SBTM, learnt/learning new approaches over the period of 3 months.
Learnt (by questioning, critiquing the product and my approach) - to recognize risks, mitigate them.
Learning - to question the norms and working towards implementing more than must haves /should haves to make the product robust not from the business users perspective but any user who chances upon the product.

Thank you.

Ravindra K said...

Thanks for your reply.