Sunday, 19 April 2015

DEV and Testing Deliverables

Many problems arise for testers and the testing team mainly due to the following reasons.
  •      Late delivery of the code for testing
  •      Test environment not being available / ready / setup aptly
  •      Lack of information regarding the product , project , process and
  •      Due to lack of clear communication at all these levels

These are also the reasons for delay in delivery of tested code and the product for User Acceptance Testing in instances where there is a UAT team involved.

Here is a mind map which sheds light on the requirements which the testing team requires prior to commencing testing and the teams involved in delivering this.

This is applicable in an agile context where the testing team awaits for the DEV team for test deliverable's.

Do add on to this mind map. Share and use in a context applicable to you.

Having a check list will not help, unless it is put to use rightly. 

To avoid blaming and miscommunication within and the involved teams, try to be aware of the
  • Risks
  • Educate and convey the risks involved to the concerned teams and 
  • Have a mitigation plan to tackle unforeseen problems
Above all, communicate honestly and bravely with decisiveness about the delay, risks clearly.

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