Friday, 19 June 2015

Testing - A Migration Project

Lessons learnt when working on a migration project - Pitfalls and Preparations

I had not worked on a migration project before. I did not know if testing this project would be same / different from the other projects that I had worked earlier on.

I did learn new lessons when I worked on this project and have summed up the lessons learnt in the form of a mind-map below.

Note: If several web applications are being migrated it helps to track the progress on each relevant component meticulously.

A few other aspects which helped me (in this instance) sail through this project are:
  • Assertive – Being flexible and saying no when needed
  • Asking for help / clarifications in time
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Being practical 
  • Communicating – regularly and effectively
  • Sharing risks early and following it up to its closure (in some instances)

Why mind map?
Because it helps me collate and share the ideas around a centralized topic better than the other modes I have tried.
If it is relevant to what you wish to share and helps you visualize better, try it.

Add on to this mind-map with your learning and / or share your comments below.  Happy testing and migrating! 

Click / tap on the image and zoom to view better or alternatively view the images below. 
Migration - Web application

Identify and Do this



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