Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Blueprint of a Test Strategy

In the role of a tester, test lead or test manager we would have experienced the importance of creating a test plan and sharing it with the testers before testing phase begins. In some organization, the test plan is also termed as the test approach document. I still prefer to call it as the test plan in which you can jot down the approach you will take. 

Target audience - Those of you, who prepare the test plan.
Some learning I have had, when preparing the plan are shared below.

  • Draft the testing strategy not in isolation but with the team.
  • Take inputs from the team - edit, correct, read, review, rectify and share.
  • Do not enforce a strategy, plan, policy, tool on the team.
  • Build teams which can self organize and destruct on a need basis.
  • Define a *culture to fit the needs of a team and not otherwise.
*Civilization is what we have. Culture is what we are  - Dr. H. R. Nagendra

Software Testing
Policy - Strategy - Plan - Metrics - Tips

The map below lists some elements to consider when drafting the test *strategy:
*Strategy - a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. [Dictionary]
  • Policy - Here, policy means an agreement that you have with the involved audience.
  • Strategy
  • Plan
  • Metrics
  • Tips
Software Testing
Policy - Strategy - Plan - Metrics - Tips

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