Thursday, 31 December 2015


Dear friends,

Thanks to you all for providing me with opportunities to learn, un-learn and work with you in any scale this year.
Wishing you the best in the coming year and I look forward to a continued association with you all.
Let us collaborate and contribute to the testing community to the best of each of our abilities as we continue to learn.

Many of you have been a guru, an inspiration and have helped me look forward to the coming year. Thank you for being an example, for leading the way and setting high standards for the next generation.

Special mention of many bloggers and authors for providing insights into your practical learning.
Speakers, that I met at conferences this year watching you speak has been a treat, keep going strong.
Newbie testers with whom I worked, thank you for helping me learn be better than earlier.
Mentors who provided positive feedback and at the right time have helped me take the right step forward.

Cannot take all the names here, all your kind gestures in nurturing new speakers and guiding them in the right direction has been applause worthy.

Thank you friends, co-workers, critics, readers, bloggers, speakers, activist's. Cheers and a happy new year y'all.

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