Thursday, 10 December 2015

Where do we testers invest our testing effort and time?

Before we proceed: This is not a measure or an estimate of the testing time and effort.

Do you have Testers in your team asking for time to test more than what is allotted as time for testing?
Ever wondered why Testers need that time and how it gets utilized?
Here is a mind-map I put together to capture where I spent my testing effort and time.

Is it effective use of testing time? 
Answer for yourself.

Testers, take a look at the distribution of testing effort and time across the nodes in this mind-map. Do you consider time spent researching, learning and communicating with right sources of knowledge as testing time? 

Give it a good thought and action on where you are spending your testing effort and time. 
Remember that attendance at meetings and conferences, a talking assignment, interactions with knowledge sources are not time off from testing but to be considered by us testers as testing time so that when we talk to our team we are assertive when we take time out for these testing tasks.

Shared below is my perspective on why Testers ask for time to test rather than merely accept what the management considers and allocates time for as testing time.

Image - Testing Effort and Time
Testing - Effort and Time
Click on the Image to enlarge or alternatively view node view below.


If you have more to share please add as comments below. The next time you ask for testing time, do consider the factors that would otherwise not be considered by non-testers. Thank you for reading this blog post.

Please note: 
Audience, this post is in no way related to performance, performance testing, performance review or performance rating. If you have a recommendation for me to write / share on the aforementioned topics then do share your comments below.