Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Agile India Conference 2016

Day 1 - Agile Leadership
Vishu Hegde from PM Power Consulting hacked the agile leadership arena and striked the cord with the audience.
He spoke about the major loophole in the transformation from the industrial era to the knowledge era. And the loophole is that many of us have not transitioned from the industrial era to the knowledge era.

Key points:
The answer to the problems of this era lies with an understanding and the paradigm shift towards the knowledge era and beyond.
Vishu suggests that we question the norms and learn the skill/art of questioning.

My take away:
  • Continue to question and encourage questioning.

Day 2 - Agile Team Culture
Kalpesh Shah @agilebrightspot and Ellen Grove @eegrove stole the limelight on Day 2.

True agility was demonstrated by Kalpesh - context based solutions were ideated and illustrated. As @pragmaticandy conveyed at the Better Software Conference keynote in 2015 -  don’t just follow agile but do what fits and suits the needs of the context you are in. And it’s all definitely do-able at both large enterprises and start-ups.

Ellen Grove - Exemplified growing the Agile team culture using Lego Serious Play.
One has to be present and involved in solving these exercises collated by Ellen to learn about self, to learn about the team, about the problems and various solutions to those problems.
The exercises are an eye opener.
No solution is wrong.
Collaborate if and when required. Or work on solving the exercises individually.
Learn to solve problems.
Find more than one solution to a problem.
Find better solutions by thinking and fitting the pieces of lego.

My take away:
  • We grow and build the culture by doing what fits our context best.
  • Tailor-make your culture over choosing a best practice.

Link to the slides are available on confengine web and mobile app.

  • Collaborate if required and when needed. Don’t mandate it.
  • Soft skills is what we need to teach and be taught to address the human errors / communication problems which are yet to be solved.

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