Thursday, 27 October 2016

Pair testing for all

Pair Testing
  • Pair testing is for all in the team - inclusive of testers and non-testers
  • Pair testing is not a measure of who can test better but what and how we can learn (and continue to) from with who we pair with
  • Pair testing has helped me to learn what I need to learn, how having  more heads can help me, how not to test and how else we can test better
  • Pair testing has nothing to do with the performance review, have I mentioned it already! The most common myth that if I pair with another person then they steal my superpowers needs to be definitely debunked. Let' u encourage pair testing where and when needed. And leave those alone who love to test with the tools, techniques, and approaches they have. Because they too contribute to the overall good of the product
  • Pair testing is for those who wish to learn, to get help, to share their ideas, are ready to put their current skills to test and are ready to learn continuously to make themselves better than yesterday
  • Pair test to learn and add tools to your toolkit and ideas to your idea base reference
  • If pair testing is proven to do you harm, share your experience in the comment section so that we can learn how to address it in that context and to understand where not to use it or enforce it
  • I like pair testing with new and experienced testers and non-testers with whom I can learn from, Skype me for a testing session or join weekend testing forums to learn to pair test with the attendees. Pair testing with the tester Ravisuriya (from Moolya, Bangalore) has done more good to me. He deep dives and learns from various perspectives and is a good mentor

Here is my take on Pair Testing for all in the form of a mind map made with XMIND.

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