Thursday, 26 January 2017

How to pick a mind mapping tool?

For those of you all who are starting out to mind map and like to know what tools are available and on which devices/OS, here's a non-exhaustive list of mind mapping tools collated. Hope it helps you pick a tool that you can make use of.

How to pick a tool?
  • Make a list of tools to explore
  • Shortlist few based on the device / operating system you use
  • Explore the features available
  • Compare it with the rest of the tools available
  • Choose one that best fits your need
  • Use it for free, check the features available in the paid version
  • Try to use other tools when in absolute need
  • Continue to explore a new tool that's made available
  • Contribute to the open source community by suggesting improvements or by reporting bugs found
  • Get in touch with mind mappers (mind mapping community) to learn what / how else they use the tool
  • Engage with the learned to learn tips and tricks

Mind-mapping tools
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