Thursday, 16 February 2017

Few tips to mind-mappers

As I started out to mind-map the test ideas for a feature that I was testing/learning to test, many lessons were learned and are now shared below in the form of tips to use when we create or reuse mind-maps created by others.

Reviewers and the community of learners helped shaped the way I today create maps.
Some of them from the community who read/used the maps provided me with valuable feedback which is incorporated into my learning and is brought to you in the form of these tips.

Hope these tips can help when we start out to build a map and share it with a wider audience.

Make it generic - Here it means, do not feed your audiences with steps to re-create but only act as a trigger to move on with an idea to test.

Earlier shared at European Testing Conference

Coming up next - Common pitfalls to avoid when mind-mapping.

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