Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mindmapping And Common Pitfalls To Avoid

There was one occurrence of plagiarism of my work, a blogger by mistake had passed the blog and map I had shared, as their own. I sympathized with that person, if I had mentioned my name or had personalized my work (with a signature/logo) then I would not have put that person in this situation. I am to blame, as I shy away from making my work copyrighted/add a signature. 

My knowledge sources are many. 
I refer books, articles, watch videos created by others, learn from many and from their experience. 
My credit goes to all who share their learning and in that case, I cannot take credit.

Another incident that triggered me to collate common pitfalls to avoid when we share our work with a wider audience is when I posted my own work over a year later without revisiting and revising it. A learner from the community TeemuVesala reviewed and provided with suggestions to revise it. Thanks, Teemu.

Based on these events plus the mind map exercise that we conducted at my workplace, as a result of which I got to pair with DanAshby to review the mind maps has helped me create the below mapThis can also save time, effort, reputation and credibility when we share our work.

Click on the images to view it in its original size.

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