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41 Definitions of Software Testing

41 Definitions of Software Testing is the first write-up I wrote for a Software Testing e-magazine.
I was asked to share an article (including the Bio) for the Testing Circus e-magazine, I had under an hour to write, review and share. I submitted 40 definitions and was glad to have made it in time. The article completes 4 years and I am re-sharing it on this medium. Thanks to Testing Circus e-magazine for publishing it. I still believe Testing is all of this. The 41st definition was contributed by Testing Circus e-magazine editor Ajoy Singha.

What is Software Testing?
Heck! Define it yourself. I have been thinking about an answer for the same but have found it hard to convey in one statement. Am I a born, reborn or a resurrected tester? I hope to find out for myself and the below article is an attempt at this.

Testing – I will be using the word testing as I continue to write and as you readers read, read it as Software Testing. Here are my definitions of software testing.

1) Testing is a responsibility of representing information which is essential for bettering the application/product under test.

2) Testing is learning to think well.

3) Testing is to understand the various contexts a system can be applicable in.

4) Testing is identifying the subtleties and extremities where the system can be used.

5) Testing is craving to dig deep into the system to look in the nook and corner in order to project the information that can awaken the product owner and the user to surprises and a wow-ness(that a product can be used to perform)

6) Testing is to provide the consumer with an application which re-ensures confidence in the consumer and for the business.

7) Testing is that ability which the whole team is entitled to with an opportunity to grab the consumers attention, supply the consumers demand and to deliver well.

8) Testing is to convert that dormant thought into an active on-going action oriented process.

9) Testing is to continuously collect aids which aims at delivering quality information to anyone equipped to better build the product.

10) Testing is remembering to act in unison with the vision and mission reflecting in the consumable product.

11) Testing is questioning, challenging, being biased and up-rooting the biases about how the product is presumed to be built and used.

12) Testing is having an eye for details however miniature or magnanimous.

13) Testing is buying yourself a microscope and a telescope to look at how a product is consumed today and in future.

14) Testing is building a lifelong insanity to learn in all sanity.

15) Testing is a role play of that of an investigator, a doctor, a builder, a victim, a crime fighter, an intruder, a seeker, an evangelist, a doer.

Do you see such attributes in a tester? – Hire that person.

16) Testing is being in a context all assuming and continuously judging.

17) Testing is testing the assumptions and then falling prey for the judgements made.

18) Testing is re-opening a concluded case.

19) Testing is to don the hat of someone other than you, change perspective and test with a prejudice.

20) Test to KNOW.

21) Testing is time boxed and at-times unleashing the you, learning to think in a way which is not brand you.

22) Testing is building credibility for yourself, your organisation which serves you and which you are serving.

23) Testing is learning to explore the path which you are willing to tread and paths which are road less travelled.

24) Testing is defining, redefining and un-defining.

25) Testing is breaking barriers to test.

26) Testing is a courageous act of preparing oneself to tread a new path, take another challenge.

27) Testing is taking ownership of mistakes with a pitcher of gratitude, that I learnt what not to do and what to do in this context.

28) Testing is story telling via testing and the experience reports.

29) Testing is diminishing confusion and expanding the confidence of a user.

30) Testing is that walk down the memory lane and think if this issue has occurred or is a déjà vu.

31) Testing is that feeling when you love yourself for learning to learn new every day.

32) Testing is together untying and revealing the product/application to itself.

33) Testing is you emerging out of the bath tub with a ‘Eureka’ moment.

34) Testing is a knock on the door of a developer to help undertake measures to provide a fix.

35) Testing is a wake-up call to innovation, to time travel back into the future.

Did you relate to any one or more of these?

36) Testing is an unconventional mode of transport to the minds of a user.

37) Testing is at-times masking the status quo.

38) Testing is closing in on the ‘I’ the consumer, ‘I’ the tester, ‘I’ the developer, ‘I’ the owner and illuminating the path of ‘We’ the team.

39) Testing is that run down the rabbit hole to discover the wonderland of Alice/Alfred to sketch the tomorrow of testing.

40) Testing is Learning.

41) Testing is Circus :) [This definition is contributed by Testing Circus]

I am sure you have moulded yourself into a tester with your own definition of testing and tester, do share your thoughts on the same. Come, join and be a part of this community of information seekers and providers. 

What is your definition of testing?

Jyothi Rangaiah, a trespasser into the minds of users, dons many hats that a tester should in order to test. She who has made learning a way of living. Continues to inspire herself by constantly connecting with the learned from the newly introduced community of testers. Willing to make way, where there is no way she finds herself fighting the crime scene in her vicinity. And on this journey bugs bump into her. Unwilled to take no for an answer without judgement, reasoning and questioning has helped her in her way of testing. Jyothi Rangaiah is a budding blogger who writes at A fan of defining art who's favorite English word is genuine.

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