Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Note to freshers/engineers

Friends, from the engineering fraternity who are fresh out of college/university, need to know this as you begin to look out for a career in the corporate world.
Number of seat allocation for freshers by the recruiting company for campus recruitment and walk-in interviews depends on a number the factors such as the size of the company, sales, projects in the pipeline, client budget allocation and a need for fresh graduates. If a selection is not made via these modes, then there are other approaches and effort that needs to be taken in order to train yourselves to reach out to the company.

Here are a few ways that you can try out before approaching seniors or friends to apply via the referral program. Based on the approach that I have taken, I have hereby shared with you some tips that can help you independently take on this path and know do's and don'ts.

Courses / Education

  • Continuous learning in an interested topic/subject helps build a strong profile while you wait.
  • Pick a topic and enroll to free/paid courses on Coursera, Udemy, YouTube or other learning platforms.
  • Share the knowledge with knowledge seekers on a chosen medium and in turn help your work reach the talent acquisition team or someone who is on the lookout for skills matching yours. Help the right job, find you. Highlight your current learning and projects worked on.
  • Take time to work on a pet project which can be added to your profile as independent work. Many multinational firms are pro-pet project credits.

Resume / Profile building

  • Add - New courses taken, new interests developed and projects contributed to.
  • Remove - What is not relevant today.
  • Build - Learn what are the current trends and build your profile accordingly.
  • Get the profile reviewed by a professional.
  • Take the effort to build your personal brand on a reliable medium. Do not share information on unreliable sites.

Open source contribution

  • Enroll to contribute to open source projects. 
  • Sources such as Quora, Medium, and search for related articles on how to begin contributions, how to prepare to be an intern to contribute, and to get paid for contributing are available with apt search criterion and yield results based on where you wish to make a contribution.
  • Open source contribution is one of the key factors to help influence your recruiter.


  • With reliable sources can benefit.
  • It can help find a mentor to learn more from.
  • Subscribe/Enroll in forums that are reliable in this regard.
  • Seek help to apply for open job postings. 
  • Importantly, know that there is no return favour that is needed from you.

  • After applying via the referral program, wait for the call.
  • From here on, the HR should be able to take it forward.
  • The employee may not have a direct connect with the proceedings of the hiring process.
  • The employee via the referral program benefits if you are selected and stay with the firm for a set period of time.
  • If at any point in time, you wish to leave and it is before the employee benefits. You can leave cordially. 
  • The employee has no right to pressurise you to stay in order to reap the benefit. Know that if you do wish to stay, then the employee does benefit.
  • At times, the HR department may have missed to share the benefit with the employee then the referee can reach out to the HR.
Best wishes.

Quote: The most meritorious level of charity is helping someone to become self-supporting ~ Judaism.

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