Sunday, 14 February 2016

A quick and simple guide to win clients and at the same time, the trust of your own team.

A quick and simple guide to win clients and at the same time, the trust of your own team.
Stating it as it is and being true to your clients can actually be beneficial than you thought. Build happy clients and nurture your young team to handle a difficult client.
  • Start with a lead or follow up on a previous happy client that you worked with
  • Find a client who you and your team is equipped to provide a solution to their immediate problem
  • Assist in identifying the problem if and when required
  • Find a permanent solution to a pressing problem, know that they would have tried other solutions
  • Guide them by providing adequate information and genuinely when needed
  • Do not give them half baked solutions with an intention that would they come back to you, anyways
  • Instead provide them with choices during a sales proposal
  • Convey them that you can help them further, extend the contract and deliver quality in all iterations
  • Talk to your client about the solution being implemented, the technology used and any undergoing changes
  • Ask them questions about the problem and the solution being implemented
  • Deliver what is promised
  • Under promise and over deliver and not otherwise
  • Be clear at all times
  • Accept challenges and any changes in between the product life cycle and let know the impact to the client
  • Ensure that the sales proposal is true to every word and not just a sales pitch which is overdone
  • Bring the team together to solve the problem if any arises during the process of building the product
  • Train the team if required at any phase of the project
  • Hire cautiously
  • Retain the client by playing well and not by playing safe
  • Communicate whenever required with the client about the changes in the team
  • Build a stable team which can then be deployed to work on a different project when this one ends. Can also help a client gain confidence about the stability in the team
  • Talk to your client about every requirement and obtain clarification
  • Know who your customers are
  • Be bold to re-state the obvious

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